Linksys Router Setup

What is Linksys Smart WiFi? 

The Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers come with a free service called Linksys Smart WiFi. By using this service, you can access your Linksys Smart Wifi router network from anywhere. It just needs an internet connection on your device. You can do so by using a laptop or mobile device and opening the website This is inbuilt in the linksys smart wifi routers. You can set parental control, guest access and check internet connection status. You can also select devices to which you want to give the maximum bandwidth so that they can access the internet without any buffering.

Features Of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router

  • Guest Access: If you want that your visitors can access the internet without any interference with your main network then enable guest access tool present in the dashboard of Linksys Smart Wifi. When you perform Linksys router setup then a guest network is created automatically. You can disable this guest network.
  • Parental Controls: You can set time limit for accessing the internet for your children as well as adults of your home. This feature allows you to set different access rules for each of your device.
  • External Storage: Attach USB storage device on the port existed at the back of the router. You can use this port to share music, videos, photos etc. You can share and store media and other files with other computers on the same network.
  • Media Prioritization: You can give priority to a device on which you are streaming movies or videos. If this would have been done then that device will not compete with other devices for the bandwidth.
  • Speed Test: You can check the uploading and downloading speed. The device from which you are checking must be connected to your Linksys Smart WiFi network.

How To Set Up Linksys Smart Wi- Fi Router?

We are using the Smart Setup Wizard for the Linksys Setup. Follow the below mentioned steps to setup your Linksys Smart Wifi router.

1. Connect antennas to the router if your router has and then turn on the router. If your router does not start then there must be a power switch at the back. Turn it on and then wait till the power LED goes to solid state.

2. Connect your router and modem through a wired connection.

3. Open your computer and connect to the network of your router. You can also use the wired connection to connect your computer to the router.

4. Launch a web browser and enter in the URL bar of the browser. You can use any browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari.

5. Press Enter Key and accept the terms and conditions. Click on next to proceed further.

6. From this point, you can choose to setup the device manually. If you have enough knowledge about your router then go for it otherwise you might get stuck somewhere.

7. If the Smart Setup Wizard does not appear, you have to reset your router. Now, on the next screen you can go for the automatic updates of the router. Otherwise, disable the given checkbox.

8. Set your network name and password and click on next to proceed.

9. Your router installation gets completed after you create a router password. You will get redirected to the Linksys Smart Wifi login or account page. Make an account as it is compulsory if you want to access your account remotely.

Assistance For Linksys Router

You may get any trouble while doing the setup or while opening the Linksys Smart Wifi login page for further configurations. To resolve these kinds of issues, we are having a team. The team stays online 24/7 so that you can connect with them anytime you need a help.

While making an account if you are not able to get an internet connection then connects your computer to the modem by using an Ethernet cable. Check for the internet connection by launching a web browser and accessing a website. This will give you confirmation about the internet connection. If it is working properly then you will see the homepage of the website you have types in the address bar. If you got an error message of Account Suspended then this happens because you tried to login with wrong login credentials several times. You have to wait for at least two hours before trying again to resolve this issue. For several issues, you have to just reset your router and then the problem gets resolved. To reset just hold on the reset button for 10 seconds and it’s done. All the settings will set to default after performing the reset. For any further details or queries, get in touch with us or chat live.

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